Getting close to St. Jean Pied de Port

The last couple of days have been very pleasant for walking. There have been a few more hills to navigate up and down, but the scenery has been beautiful with new pastoral vistas around every corner. There were a few short showers yesterday, but today was warm and sunny – perfect weather for walking. I have found that the days are blending together and I’m finding it difficult to keep the individual towns and gites clear in my mind. They are all tending to meld together into one amorphous whole. I’m trying to help them retain their individuality, but it’s difficult. So much has transpired over the past 36 days.

I made it to Aroue today and have only three more days until I reach St. Jean Pied de Port. Yesterday’s walk ended in the town of Navarrenx (which is one of the most beautiful towns in France – a sign upon entering the town will tell you so.) The town’s fortification walls are still standing and are pretty much intact. I was especially taken by the old Porte Espagna (Spanish Gate.).

The townsfolk take a lot of pride in their town. I saw one team of city employees vacuuming up the leaves that had fallen onto the street! I could use their help a home although I suspect it is a losing battle. I also enjoyed a wonderful dinner of salad and seafood soup at the Gite Le Cri de la Girafe in Navarrenx. It was a very nice gite – clean, recently remodeled, and with wonderful hosts: Fabian and Maria.

Tomorrow I will be taking the variant to St. Palais. The variant is unmarked, so I hope I don’t get lost! Bon Chemin!

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2 Responses to Getting close to St. Jean Pied de Port

  1. Susan Landers says:

    Bob, I have really enjoyed your posts. I’m sorry the Way has been so difficult, and can understand your decision to cut some miles off. The pix are lovely, making me want to return to France. I don’t think I could do alone what you have done. It really helps to have some sort of support along the way! Continued blessings to you as you progress down the path.. Susan Landers

    • Thanks Susan. As you know, the first half of the trip was pretty challenging for me. But it was also very beautiful and I’m glad I was able to stick with it. Now that it’s almost over I can look back and see how beautiful that land, the people, the food, and the whole experience were. I hope you get the opportunity to return again soon.

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