Beginning my pilgrimage…

I think that most people who consider attempting a Camino pilgrimage along the Camino Frances initially believe that the pilgrimage will start at St. Jean Pied de Port on the day they begin walking. However, after reading about the Camino on the Internet and in books it is quickly pointed out that the pilgrimage actually starts when you leave the front door of your home and embark on the journey, regardless of where you live.

But, recently I have come to change my mind on this. I am now convinced that my pilgrimage has already begun and that it started when I first became aware of the Camino and started dreaming about making it a reality. For me, this was well over a year ago when I was encouraged to watch the movie “The Way” and kind of caught the bug. Whatever the case, I feel that I am already on my pilgrimage – that all the planning and thinking about the Camino that we are currently engaged in is part of my pilgrimage. This makes me happy and increases my anticipation for taking that first step on Monday morning, September 8, when Clint and I plan on taking our first steps from St. Jean in the direction of Santiago.

Buen Camino!

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1 Response to Beginning my pilgrimage…

  1. Clay Davis says:

    We are journeying with you, Bob. And you are correct. The planning is much a part as is the plodding!

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