An Epiphany of Sorts…

I had an epiphany of sorts today as I was driving south from our summer home up in Washington State back to San Diego for a final flurry of activity as I wrap up the remaining loose ends prior to Camino liftoff on September 3. During the course of the day, I drove through Oregon and part way into California. Altogether, I drove for about seven hours and covered about 450 miles averaging between 65 and 70 mph most of the way. Late into the afternoon it occurred to me that this is close to the distance we will be covering on the Camino!

The magnitude of the little walk we are about to embark on took on a much more concrete reality than it has up until now. I know we will be taking around seven weeks to accomplish this adventure. But, it still leaves me shaking my head as I reflect on the distance I covered today. Again, I realize that my naive, preconceived notions of this pilgrimage likely only have a scant connection to the reality we will be experiencing. It won’t become real until we are actually living the day to day experience of our pilgrimage. And while I am feeling both anticipation and anxiety, I say… “Bring it on!”

¡Buen Camino!

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